20 “Sex and the City” Quotes About Friends

Friendship is a beautiful thing. It is a miracle that people with different backgrounds can become friends and support each other in difficult times. Research also says that friends help you in coping up with stress and anxiety in life. Let’s go through “Sex and the City” quotes on friendship if you want to learn more about friends.

Below is our collection of “Sex and the City” quotes about friends.

Everything changes, but true friendships last forever.

Friends don’t see flaws in each other.

It’s hard to stay friends with your ex.

You can’t get over a heartbreak without friends.

It takes time to build a strong friendship.

Invest your time and energy into your friendship.

Women are better at friendships than men.

A lot of friendships resulted from unsuccessful sexual relationships.

Your friends can help you get a guy for a date.

Enjoy your single life with your friends.

Most men don’t want friendship from women.

Friends are your most valuable treasure.

Your friends define who you are.

Your friends are people you can have fun with.

Never date your friend’s ex.

Your friends should be your bridesmaids.

Your friends can be your soulmates.

Our bonds with those we care about are never broken.

True friends never leave you alone and love you come what may.

Friends are your chosen family.

Sex And The City is one of the most fantastic shows that explores the lives of four friends Carrie, Miranda, Samantha, and Charlotte. The women are in their thirties, and they are struggling to find their soulmates. However, in their hunt of love, they realize that their friendship is true love.

We hope you enjoyed our collection of “Sex and the City” friendship quotes.

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