20+ Quotes About the Passing of a Child

There is no more enormous grief than that of losing a child. The loss is an incredibly heart-wrecking experience that no one would wish to go through. However, control over human life is impossible, and hence the need to cope with the situation if it should happen.
Here is a list of 20 top quotes for loss of a child that will help you commemorate your child and remind you to stay strong.

Death takes your child to a better place, away from struggles and sickness.

Try not to let grief become the defining force of your life.

The connection we have with the people we love remains even after they are gone.

Mothers will never forget their children.

A child is everything to a mother.

Be thankful for the time your child lived, no matter how short it might seem.

There is no greater grief than when a parent loses a child.

Death takes the best amongst us to live with the angels.

After death, your child went to meet other friends in another world.

Death is only a physical separation but your child will be in our hearts forever.

Nothing is sadder than the loss of a child.

Grateful memories are a great consolation in times of sorrow and grief.

Loved ones never depart from us entirely; we still have them in our hearts.

Everyone knows the pain of death.

Once a child dies, they still live in our hearts.

Death is accompanied by heartbreak.

To live is better than to die.

Be assured that they are happy where they are.

The love you had is yours forever.

Death is a continuation of life in another world.

The loss of a child seems like the end of the world to a parent because of the love they have for the flower that made them happy in life. Their love and care is immediately taken over by grief because they can no longer show love to the child. These quotes about the loss of a child are a great way of consoling parents at such a hard time to give them hope for the future.

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