20 Quotes About Technology in Education: the Modern Ways of Learning

Innovative technologies are reshaping our lives in every possible way. Education is no different from that. In fact, judging by some quotes about technology in education, its wide implementation can bring about a very radical change in social well-being. So, let’s discover some of the best quotes on technology in education from below.

In modern times, technological tools have replaced the need for pens and paper.

No matter how advanced technologies are, teachers are still the best educators.

Technology should be an integral part of the education curriculum, not an add-on.

There is no bigger revolution in education than the implementation of technology.

Equipped with technology, great teachers can be even more effective.

Teaching methods of the bygone age only take us backwards, not forwards.

Children of today shouldn’t be taught using the old-fashioned methods.

In order to reap the benefits of technology, teachers must know how to utilize it.

Technology can certainly enhance the effort to make knowledge easily shareable among communities.

Engaged learning is one of the key benefits of using technology in education.

The only obstacle for technology to set learning free is our unwillingness to embrace change.

It’s not about technology, it’s about schools that are equipped to benefit from it.

Interactive learning can be facilitated by the use of educational technology.

Thanks to smartphones, we can now learn anything anywhere.

Teachers trained to use the latest technologies are the biggest assets for today’s schools.

Technology in education can ultimately make learning possible everywhere.

Technology is one of the most important elements of today’s learning.

For introverted students, technology is a means to speak up.

Today’s education methods must be adapted to the ways children prefer to learn.

Despite technology changing how we work, our classrooms didn’t fully embrace it yet.

As the majority of the quotes about technology in education affirm, it is not a replacement for teachers. It is merely a tool that can enable both teachers and their pupils to teach and learn in a better way. Hopefully, these technology and education quotes will remove any of your doubts and encourage you to benefit from educational technology.

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