20+ Good Night Messages for Her (Girlfriend)

Everyone sends good night messages to their near and dear ones. After the stress of the day all people need is to send some funny or loving good night messages to their loved ones. Girlfriend and Boyfriend talk to each other at night because they are busy during the daytime. A romantic good night message can relieve the entire stress of the day in minutes and end the day on a beautiful note. We have some of the best collections of good night messages that you can send to your girlfriend and make her feel special.

20+ Good Night Messages for Her

Good night, sweet angel and let the stars take you to the dream land. Dream of me! Lots of love

Do not ever fear the darkness of night as I will always be there holding you tight. Good night baby girl. I love you!

Although we are apart but you are always holding my hand in my dreams. Good night.

With the setting of the sun, I want to remind you that you are very special to me and I am thankful for all the days spent with you. Good night, baby!

Nights are always difficult for me as you are not beside me. I dream of the day when we shall always be together throughout the sunrise and sunsets. Good night, baby.

Your smile shows me the path even in my dreams. I know I will always be fine as long as you are there with me. Drift into the dreams, princess. Dream about the perfect world together. Love you!

May your sleep be full of dreams which keep you awake during the day. May you achieve everything you desire in your dreams. Good night, baby. I love you!

Another day is over and it feels good to have someone to share my sorrows and happiness. Sending warm hugs and kisses to you. Good night.

Before you go to the bed, I want you to know that there is someone who constantly thinks about you and loves you more than anything in this world. Good night and sweet dreams.

I am happy to have you in my life. I am glad that we get to spend days and nights together. Good night. Sweet dreams.

Close your eyes, make a wish to the stars, off the lights and drift into the sleep. Good night.

Put your mobile down, close your eyes, gaze at the moon and think of me. Good night. Sweet dreams.

There are enormous stars in the sky but you are my favorite one. Good night.

Good night and sleep fast so that I can meet you in your dreams. Love you!

The moon reminds me about you every night. It reminds me of your beautiful and bright smile that can light up my world in dark. Good night.

With the company of stars and the moon, have the most beautiful dream tonight. Good night.

I wish to end this day by whispering ‘I love you’ in your ears so that you sleep peacefully at night. Good night.

I may not be there to hold you tight when you encounter a nightmare but I can make sure to lighten up your dreams with my presence every night. Good night.

When I sleep here alone, all I can think is about you. Hope you are having a good sleep too. Good night. Sweet dreams.

My love will always protect and guide you even in your sleep. Good night angel. Sleep tight.

The night puts an end to all the troubles you face during the day. Put everything aside and go to sleep. Good night. Sweet dreams.

May all of your night prayers reach directly to God and you reach heights. Good night.

Here’s my good night wish to you with lots of hugs and warm kisses. Good night. Sleep tight.

Good night to the most beautiful woman I have ever met in my life. Thank you for being mine.

Before I go to sleep I pray to God to grant all your wishes at once. Good night, baby. Sweet dreams.

Close your eyes, dream of the perfect life you want and drift into a sound sleep. Good night.

Even if I spend an entire day with you, I still think about you every night. Good night.

The moon and stars are here to watch over you while you sleep. Good night, baby. Sleep tight.

I pray that the angels watch over you as you sleep. I pray that God send you blessings and love in your dreams tonight. Good night.

You deserve a sound sleep after the exhaustion of the day. Good night, baby girl. Now, keep the phone aside.

Dreaming of you is better than a chocolate or even a plate full of desserts. Good night, angel.

Free yourself from the clutter, close your eyes, think about me and try to sleep. I will meet you in your dreams. Good night.

Sleeping with you on my mind and waiting for the new day to be with you. Good night.

The peace of the night makes me miss you even more. Hope you are missing me too. Good night.

Nothing in the world can ever compete to your adorable sleepy face. Good night, baby. Sweet dreams.

Watching you while sleeping makes me feel special in so many ways. I thank the Almighty for sending you in my life. Good night. I love you!

Switch off the lights, cover yourself up in a warm fuzzy blanket, make a wish to the moon and sleep. Good night. Sweet dreams.

Good night, my love. Feel the warmth of my love tonight. Sweet dreams.

You are my dream come true. My dreamland is always filled with moments spent with you. Good night, angel. Sweet dreams.

You are my moon and my brightest star. So, close your eyes and go to sleep. Good night. Sweet dreams.

Go to sleep and rest and make your mobile rest
Actually, he needs more than you
Good Night

Turn off the light
Don’t dare to Fight
Just Good Night.

When you away you can sleep early
Because when I will be with you
I will not let you sleep.
GooD Night.

Good night wishes for her
Good night wishes for her

You look so cute
while Sleeping,
Because that is the
only time you are mute
Good Night.

The worst phase of a relationship
When Boyfriend want to sleep
Girlfriend starts to weep
Good Night.

A warning By Sleepy Boyfriend
Unwanted Wake up may be.
the cause of the breakup.
Good Night.

Good night images for her
Good night images for her

If you love me so deep.
Then please let me sleep.
Good Night

To achieve something you have to dream
To Dream something you have to sleep.
Don’t Disturb Good Night.

Sweet Dreams turn into short dreams
when you have a girlfriend
Good Night

Good night messages fr her
Good night messages for her

People sleep when they are tired
My Girlfriend sleeps when her internet pack gets Expired
Good Night.

I used to sleep a lot
Alas after that I had a relationship.
Good Night

I love to sleep on my bed alone
if you want to come I am ready to adjust.
Good Night

When you are with me night feels small.
When you are not near me it feels a brawl
Good Night

Just as the moon is brightening the night
You are brightening my life.
Good Night

The night may be dark,
But it can not overshadow your spark.
Good Night

Good Night quotes for her
Good Night quotes for her

When I am away from you
I can’t sleep
when I am with you
I don’t want to sleep
Good Night

Good Night Images
Good Night Images

You can call me horny
you can call me cheap
But when I am with you
I will not let you sleep
Good Night

Night feels running when we kiss each other
the night seems to crawl when we miss each other
Good Night

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