20 Best King Quotes and Sayings

Kings or monarchs have been heads of kingdoms and leaders of armies since the beginning of time. There have been chains of kings from different nations who have been written about in history books for the things or words they did or said during their time on the throne. We have collected the best king quotes to inspire, motivate, and cheer you up.

A true king is not a coward.

Kings should be pioneers of truth, its key to salvation.

No line of royalties has no slaves in their bloodline.

Everyone is king in his or her own way.

Kings should be strong to endure hatred.

A king should lead by example.

Kings should go the extra mile.

Great kings fight for empires, not for recognition.

You are a king – you just need to work hard on something.

Kings don’t exist; if they do, then we are all kings.

No one is born a king – kings are made.

Mercy should be the main ingredient in any king’s ruling recipe.

Anyone can be king – you just need a strong will.

The downfall of a kingdom also does harm to a king.

Regiment is everything in a monarch system.

A king should rule based on their subjects’ wants.

Great kings are those who are full of justice.

A true king is defined by his burdens.

Being a king is more than giving orders and leading wars.

A king needs to go through many trials.

From the above quotes about king quotes, it is evident that a king’s legacy is determined by the wisdom and relationship between him and his subjects. The king quotes are also clear on the fact that kings need not be cowards, for they have the kingdom’s weight on their backs. We hope you enjoyed the quotes about kings and that you are now ready to become a king of yourself.

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