20 Best Flag Quotes

As words rarely have a symbol designed to represent them, it is common to use flags to identify them. But one of the most popular uses of a flag is to symbolize a nation or country, and some national flags have inspirational meaning in design. Let’s take a look at the following flag quotes and flag hoisting quotes.

The Philippine flag is a powerful flag.

The Philippines flag should stay up high.

The Philippines flag has waved for a long time.

Let all flags rise high.

It’s not about the flag, it’s about what it stands for.

Flags shouldn’t be used to cover people’s crimes.

The flag represents what you’re passionate about.

The Philippines flag is a symbol of sacrifice.

Every nation is seen within its flag.

We should accept our differences and hoist the flag.

The meaning of the flag is nothing without the land.

The Philippines flag is a special-looking one.

Even in the Olympics, flags are of high significance.

The Philippines flag is a unique one.

A flag is a representation of freedom and unity.

There should be only one flag for the whole world.

All parties should have and hoist the same flag.

No one should dilute what the flag stands for.

The Philippines flag carries a lot of meanings.

The Philippines flag represents its nature.

From the above flag quotes, we can see some of the inspiring Philippine flag quotes. The Philippines is a country of people who are willing to do anything to keep it safe and away from any harm. The Philippine flag is a flag to be proud of. If you have a Philippine friend, send him one of them to show him you care.

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