20 Best Euphoria HBO Quotes You Need to Read

Initially, the show Euphoria was limited to Israel. Then, it became so popular that the Hollywood behemoth HBO made an adaptation of the teen-drama series. The series dramatizes different aspects of a coming-of-age troubled teen and is complemented by some beautiful dialog. Below, we have collected the best HBO Euphoria quotes for its fans.

An unconditional love is the scariest thing, even more so than violence.

If one of the two must get hurt, it’s much better if it’s me.

The person you fall for is not necessarily meant for you.

You never know which date could be a good day.

During our dark times, only the person right beside us matters.

Things change, whether you want it or not.

The most frustrating thing for a depressed person is their inability to get better.

Probably we miss high school so much because of our dreams.

Good times never last forever, for anyone.

Sometimes you go to a particular place to distract yourself from your unhappy thoughts.

A bad incident is all right only if you can learn the right thing from it.

Some generations care less about rules than others.

Some of us are just unable to change.

Ultimately, what we want with our lives depends on our choices.

It’s hard to find men who are sympathetic to others.

Some men just want a toy to own in the guise of love.

As you go deep into something, you risk getting hurt more.

Only when they are pushed to the limits do drug addicts ask for help.

The truth is, love isn’t supposed to feel good all the time.

When you can forget yourself, you reach the place of ultimate happiness.

If you want to learn about the mystique that engulfs teenagers, Euphoria is a brilliant watch for you. You may already have got an idea of what to expect from the euphoria HBO quotes above.

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