20 Bangles Quotes and Sayings

Bangles are a particular type of jewelry accessory, and originated arguably in the Indian subcontinent. They are pretty similar to rigid bracelets, and are mainly worn by South Asian women. As you will discover from the bangle quotes, they are good to wear on any occasion. Now, let’s explore the best bangles quotes below.

Like our existence, bangles made of glass are prone to getting broken.

In parts of America, like the Bronx, bangles are integral to the culture.

Accessories like bangles can only enhance your looks, not your beauty.

To a lover, even jingling bangles can work as a reminder of their beloved’s name.

Bangles and bindis can’t kill; it’s words that do the most damage.

Some people find wrists adorned with bangles to be very romantic.

Waking up to the sounds of mom’s bangles is as refreshing as the singing birds.

Bangles are an essential part of many Indian women’s dress.

Often, love requires no more than the jingling of bangles to evoke it.

Bangles and their sound can be associated with many different aspects of love.

Bangles are so stylish that they even make ancient Egypt seem cool.

Even under the brown waters of ponds, bangles look as beautiful as ever.

With the touch of a beloved, even bangles sound romantic.

Bangles and beads are the kinds of jewelry that make us happy.

Bangles are loved by stylists for their versatility for any occasion.

If you can hang on to words like bangles, you will be wiser.

Bangles are one of the classiest fashion items, loved by all generations.

It is never a good idea to show off paychecks like bangles.

Some people prefer wearing bangles to wearing clothes.

When buying, be mindful of how sweetly your bangles sound.

Bangles are an incredible piece of jewelry that not only look cute but also sound sweet, and these bangles quotes are a testament to that. They are also great as a captions for bangles. So, if you have bangles, don’t hesitate to wear them on your wrists and show their pictures to your friends.

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