20 1st Birthday Invitation Messages on Behalf of the Little One

A first birthday invitation is often uniquely worded. The baby, of course, has no idea what’s going on, so their parents are the ones who have to decide what to write. Below, we have collected some examples of 1st birthday invitation messages to help you figure out what message would work best for your little one’s birthday.

The first year with a baby is so exciting that it passes pretty quickly.

Our cute baby is growing up to be a naughty one.

We invite you to see how much our baby has grown on his first birthday.

Babies may be small on their first birthdays but the parties are non-stop fun.

After a year-long wait, our baby is blessed to turn one today.

We haven’t gotten much sleep lately, but we’re looking forward to celebrating with you.

Our baby’s first birthday will be a blast.

You won’t believe how much our baby has grown in just a year.

We eagerly anticipate your presence at our baby’s first birthday celebration.

Please join us to share in the joy of spending a year with our baby.

Unbelievably enough, our baby is already a one-year-old.

We promise to treat you right on our little one’s first birthday.

Our baby’s 1st birthday party won’t be the same without you.

Please don’t miss our baby’s first big milestone.

The first birthday is the celebration of all our baby’s firsts.

We request your prayers and blessings on our little angel’s first birthday.

Our daughter’s first birthday party is going to blow your mind.

It feels like no time at all, but our baby is already a year old.

The baby can’t believe how exciting it was to spend a year on earth.

Trust us, our baby has insisted on your presence at his first birthday party.

Nobody wants to miss the first birthday celebration of an adorable baby; you just have to send out an invitation. It just needs a proper first birthday invitation message. Writing it on behalf of the baby is the norm, but you can also send a 1st birthday invitation message as if the baby was the one who wrote it. Make sure to send the invitations out with plenty of time to spare!

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