1st Birthday Invitation Wording How to Say Happy Birthday to Your Sister-in-Law

Every birthday is special, particularly in the fleeting years of childhood. But there’s something extra-special about a first birthday. It’s not only a milestone for the baby toddler, but for the parents who have endured numerous late night feedings and messy diaper changes to get the tiny human being to where she is today.

So, a first birthday party is as much for the parents as it is for the kid (who, let’s be honest, probably has no idea why a bunch of grownups and their kids have come over to his house to watch him smear frosting on his face). Unfortunately, the parents still have to do all the organizing for the party. The kid isn’t going to be much help in that regard.

Regardless of whether you’re planning a major themed party or a modest get-together, one of your primary tasks as the party organizer is to send out invitations. Let’s talk about what sort of wording you should use on your child’s first birthday invites.

Wording ideas for first birthday invitations

1st Birthday Party Invite Tips

While planning a first birthday party presents plenty of challenges, coming up with invitation wording is – to use a birthday pun – a piece of cake. That said, before you start your search for the perfect words, there are a couple of general tips you might want to keep in mind:

1. Use a tone that’s appropriate for your guest list. Are you addressing most of your invites to kids or their parents? If it’s kids, you might want a more cutesy tone that appeals to them (or more accurately, the parents who are reading it on their behalf). If there are more grandmas and uncles on your invite list, you might choose more straightforward wording.

2. Show how far your little guy or gal has come. If you’re customizing your invites, one cute idea is to juxtapose a picture of your child as a newborn with a more up-to-date photo. Most of your (adult) invitees will probably marvel at how much things have changed in 12 short months.

Of course, you’ll also want to make sure you have all the key event info on your first birthday invitation, such as date, time, location, and RSVP details. If you have questions about any of this, see our in-depth article on writing party invitations.


The best way to come up with wording for a first birthday invitation is to look at lots of examples, then adapt (read: steal) something that works for you. Here’s some unique wording we’ve come up with to get you started. Keep in mind that most of these examples are abbreviated and don’t include all the placeholder details you would need on an actual invite.

Cole is Turning ONE!
Come Join Us For His Very First Birthday Party
Saturday, July 15
1 pm – 2:30 pm
The Bounce House
1234 Giggles Way, Sunnydale
RSVP to Carol (345-6789 / [email protected])
Oh What Fun
Daniel is Turning One
Join Us For His Very First
Birthday Party
Cake, Games and Lots of Fun…
Little Emma is Turning ONE
His Baby Days are Officially Done
Our Little Alex is Turning ONE
Look Who’s Turning One!
Join Us For Amanda’s First Birthday Party
You’re Invited to Michael’s
First Birthday Party
Join Us For A
ONE-derful Birthday Celebration
Jessica is Turning 1!
Join Us to Celebrate
The Big ONE
It’s Brice’s First Birthday!

Winter Birthday

Join Us In Our
Help Ella Celebrate a COOL First Birthday!

Halloween Birthday

Our Little Pumpkin is Turning ONE
Join Bella & Friends For Some Spooky Good Fun

Valentine’s Birthday

She ONE Our Hearts at First Sight
Now Our Little Sweetheart is Celebrating Her 1st Birthday

Easter Birthday

Our Little Hun Bun is Turning ONE
Join Us For Some Hopping Good Fun

Celebrate your sister from another mister.

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