17 Vespa Quotes

Riding on a scooter is a very cosy experience. Some Vespa quotes are a perfect example of how it feels to ride such a machine. The consensus is that it is also safer than a traditional motorcycle. For those who are interested in scooters, we have collected the best Vespa and Honda Dio quotes below.

For many people, riding their scooters is a favorite pastime.

Riding a scooter through the mountains is a wonderful feeling.

The scooter is the foundation motorbikes are built on.

The smaller and simpler something is, the easier it is to control.

Riding a Vespa is a mind-blowing experience.

Riding a scooter is a good way to have fun and get where you’re going.

If you want to heal your soul, ride a Vespa instead of driving a car.

Don’t seek advice from someone who’s never been in your shoes.

You’ll never forget the good old days of riding your scooter and honking the horn.

To a child, a scooter-driving dad is like a superhero.

Nothing can quite match the nostalgic appeal of an old-fashioned scooter.

To some people, riding a Vespa is a spiritual experience.

Some things are so alluring that you can’t help spending all your money on them.

Scooter is a nickname that suits only a certain type of personality.

Riding a Honda is a personal choice, not a mandatory thing.

You can take what you want, but know that you’ll need to ask for forgiveness..

Beeping the horn on Dad’s scooter is a fond childhood memory for many.

As you can see from some of the quotes about scooters, riding a scooter is often considered an old-fashioned thing associated with dads. However, that isn’t true for all scooters. Some of the Vespa and Honda Dio quotes are so cool that they immediately make riding a scooter more trendy than driving a car. So, feel free to ride scooters as you please.

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