100 Sukkot Wishes to Jewish Friends and Family This Harvest Holiday


Sukkot is one of the most festive Jewish holidays, but it’s also one of the least understood. The harvest season and the struggles of Israelites in their exodus from slavery are both elements to Sukkot, which is marked by many Jewish believers by dining in huts made of natural materials called Sukkahs. Get to know what Sukkot is and why Sukkot is celebrated, as well as ways to wish your loved ones a happy Sukkot.

What is Sukkot and why is it celebrated?

Sukkot is a holiday that occurs five days after Yom Kippur. Certain congregations celebrate Sukkot for seven days, while for other congregations (including Orthodox) the holiday spans eight days. There are a few different meanings for and interpretations of the holiday: Some believe Sukkot is an agricultural holiday to honor the autumn season and the farmers who would stay in makeshift huts while harvesting the year’s bounty; another more popular interpretation is to honor the Israelites dwelling in huts during their exodus from slavery in Egypt, as well as to the shelter God gave the Israelites during their journey.

When is Sukkot?

Sukkot will begin in the evening of Monday, September and ends in the evening of Monday, September.

How to wish someone a Happy Sukkot

These Sukkot greetings and wishes are just a few examples of how to wish someone a Happy Sukkot.

“Happy Sukkot!”

“Chag Sameach!” (“Happy holiday!”)

“Moadim L’simcha!” (“Time of joy!”)

“Chagim u’zmanim l’sasson!” (“Holidays and times of celebration!”)

“Chag Sukkot sameach!” (“Happy Sukkot!”)

“Gut yontiff!” (“Good day!”)

“Wishing you a joyful Sukkot.”

“Wishing you a meaningful Sukkot.”

“Wishing you a festive Sukkot.”

“Sukkoth Shalom!” (“Happy Sukkot!”)

“Wishing you a warm and healthy Sukkot.”

“Have a blessed Sukkot.”

“May Sukkot see you blessed with prosperity and joy.”

“Have a great holiday.”

“May your Sukkot celebrations bring joy.”

“Wishing you good health and good cheer this Sukkot.”

“May you be blessed this Sukkot.”

“May your Sukkot feast be bountiful.”

“May health and happiness be abundant this Sukkot.”

“Have a festive holiday!”

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“May your Sukkot feast be sweet (and savory!).”

“May your Sukkah be comfy, cozy, and blessed.”

“Wishing you an abundant harvest this Sukkot.”

“May God protect you this Sukkot as he has before.”

“Wishing you safe shelter and warm hearts this Sukkot.”

“May you always find shelter in your faith.”

“May your Sukkah shelter your heart this Sukkot.”

“May the open roof remind you to keep an open heart this Sukkot.”

“May you find shelter in your faith this Sukkot.”

“Let God provide you with security this Sukkot and forever.”

“May God protect and provide for you on all of your journeys.”

“Wishing you a safe, joyous Sukkot.”

“This Sukkot and always, let faith, peace, and love be your shelter and security.”

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Sukkot Greetings

“May the Sukkot holiday remind you of what matters most.”

“May your Sukkah be blessed with love.”

“This Sukkot, remember to live for and cherish the moments with those you love.”

“Sukkot is a reminder to let faith guide you through uncertain times.”

“Wishing you prosperity, abundance, and most importantly, joy and love this Sukkot and always.”

“May Sukkot be a reminder that you are forever sheltered by the divine.”

“May the joy of the festival keep you warm this Sukkot.”

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“Sukkot is a reminder that the divine will always protect you, even in times of insecurity.”

“May you find refuge in the divine this Sukkot.”

“On Sukkot, remember that you will always find shelter in the storm when you use your faith.”

“May you and your loved ones find shelter and peace in the divine this Sukkot.”

“Sending thoughts of your ancestors’ trials and triumphs this Sukkot.”

“May the spirit of your ancestors inspire you this Sukkot.”

“Have a joyous feast this Sukkot.”

“Have a glorious Feast of the Tabernacles.”

“Sending thoughts of unity and joy this Sukkot.”

“May Sukkot bring peace, unity, and prosperity.”

“May your harvest be abundant this festival.”

“May the spirit of your ancestors bless you with their presence this Sukkot.”

“May the season of joy bring you peace.”

“May your Sukkah have beautiful views of the stars this Sukkot.”

“This Sukkot, may your ancestors’ struggles be remembered, but need never be repeated.”

“May your faith help you weather even the harshest climates this Sukkot.”

“May the clouds of glory envelop you and those you love this Sukkot.”

“Let your Sukkah be both a house of prayer and of joy this Sukkot.”

“Let your season of rejoicing bring you and those you love peace.”

“May Sukkot be a reminder of both the fragility and beauty of life.”

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“May God bless your Sukkah and everyone you love.”

“Sending love, blessings, and peace to you and yours this festival.”

“May your harvest festival bring your prosperity and peace.”

“Let your dwelling be blessed this Sukkot.”

“May all your dwellings be full of love, light, and the joy of the divine.”

“May God’s presence surround you this Sukkot and always.”

“May the divine shelter you and your loved ones this Sukkot.”

Sukkot Wishes

“May the divine grace your Sukkah.”

“May the stars light up your Sukkah.”

“May Sukkot be a reminder to embrace each moment.”

“Sending love and comfort to you this Sukkot.”

“May Sukkot help you appreciate all of your everyday comforts.”

“This Sukkot, may we all remember that the intangible is the truly divine.”

“May your Sukkot be filled with joy and reflection.”

“May you find joy and comfort in the divine this Sukkot and always.”

“May your Sukkot be festive and fun.”

“May Sukkot remind us of the eternal shelter of the divine.”

“Let Sukkot act as a reminder to remember the divine is constant.”

“Love, light, and abundance to you this Sukkot.”

“May the starlight help your Sukkah sparkle.”

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“May Sukkot remind us to be grateful for all we harvest.”

“May your harvest be sweet this Sukkot.”

“Wishing you a Sukkot full of gratitude and joy.”

“Sending you warm wishes this Sukkot and always.”

“May your bounty be long-lasting this Sukkot and forever.”

“May Sukkot be our reminder to put faith in the divine, not the material.”

“Sukkot is a time to remember the best source of security is through faith.”

“May your faith bring you warmth and safety this Sukkot.”

“Let Sukkot be a reminder of the importance of faith and love.”

“Faith will shelter you always, this Sukkot and beyond.”

“May your Sukkot celebrations honor your faith and celebrate your joy.”

“Wishing you joy, prosperity, and grace this Sukkot.”

“Sending you and your family blessings of faith, gratitude, and love this Sukkot and always.”

“Thinking of you and your loved ones this Sukkot.”

“Sukkot brings reminders of gratitude and grace. May you be blessed with both.”

“May Sukkot help us remember that conditions are fragile, but the divine is forever.”

“May your harvest be bountiful and joyous.”

“Wishing you health, happiness, and a healthy harvest this Sukkot.”

“May you and your family have a sweet and safe Sukkot.”

“Sending the warmest wishes for a joyous Sukkot.”

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