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    Getting retirement is one of the most satisfactory occasions in anybody’s life. All of the hard work of years is concluded with a retirement. When you retire you look back at your work and feel relaxed. Retirement is all about freedom from work responsibilities. It is the time when a person can spend some quality time with the family and children. The greatest benefit after a retirement is the time for self. You can focus more on all the things which make you happy including hobbies or passions. So, overall it is an occasion to be happy after years of a disciplined life. It is the time when you should send some happy wishes to your friends and relatives. If you are looking for some of the best retirement wishes then your search ends here. We have the best collection of retirement quotes and messages which you can send to your loved ones and make them feel special.

    Retirement quotes

    I have seen you working hard for your family. I have seen you missing all the parties for the sake of your career and now I am seeing you happily retiring from the discipline of years. All I want to say is that I am proud of you. Wish you a peaceful life ahead.

    Work was an integral part of your lifestyle and now, I wonder how you are going to sustain without it. But I know you will figure something out because you cannot live an idle life and your attitude inspires me the most. Happy retirement to you, my friend.

    From working for hours to finally getting some time to spend with family, you had an incredible journey. I am more than happy to witness the entire transition. Have fun, buddy. Enjoy the retirement days!

    Every man dreams of retirement at certain point of time but you were the only person who did not care about it. How can you be so workaholic? I salute you. Happy retirement!

    Your discipline and hard work is going to inspire everyone around you to push them in the greater direction. Keep inspiring. Have fun!

    The days are finally here. So, spend some time with your family and children. Relax and enjoy the little aspects of life. Happy retirement!

    You are simply retiring from the office responsibilities. I know you are going to engage yourself in the others. Enjoy it to the fullest!

    Happy retirement to you, my friend. Make the most out of these days.

    This is the time to finally engage in the hobbies. So, take out the canvas and start painting. Do all the things you love and enjoy!

    The retirement is here but where’s my party? I am waiting for the invitation already. Happy retirement.

    May this retirement bring you more close to your family and you shine in their presence. Have fun!

    The days are going to be amazing because you can completely relax and act lazy. Enjoy the days!

    Retirement is all about having fun after spending a decade in work responsibilities. Don’t forget to make the most out of it. Happy retirement to you!

    As one chapter ends, another one is beginning. The story still continues. Eager to learn about new chapter of your life. Have fun!

    Are you ready for the road trip you always talked about? Do it now. Waiting for the news already!

    Happy retirement to you. Wish you a happy and peaceful life ahead.

    You have worked your entire life for this day. Make these days count. Happy retirement!

    Leave all the work responsibilities behind and embrace the change life is about to bring. Have fun!

    This is a long break from the monotonous life. Be happy because you can do all the things you desire. Happy retirement!

    Have fun with your new found freedom. Cheers to you!

    May after retirement your life
    smell like a rose
    No more annoying employees
    No more Excuses to boss
    Congratulations on Retirement.

    100+ Best Retirement wishes and quotes
    Retirement wishe quotes

    Biggest Relief after Retirement,
    No More waiting for the Sunday.
    Biggest joy after Retirement,
    Every day is fun day
    Congratulations on Retirement.

    100+ Best Retirement wishes and quotes
    Retirement wishes quotes

    No more work stress
    No more Head ache
    I know Retirement is causing
    Butterflies in your stomach
    Congratulations on Retirement.

    100+ Best Retirement wishes and quotes

    Inspirational Quotes about Retirement

    You have an amazing spark within you which is never going to die. I know you will make it count even in the retiring days. Happy retirement to you!

    You made your days and nights count by working endlessly. People like you are so hard to find. I feel blessed to know someone like you. Keep inspiring. Have fun!

    Retirement is not the end of the road. It is the beginning of the open highway. Cherish it to the fullest. The days are finally here. Enjoy!

    Often when you think you are at the end of something, you are at the beginning of something else. May this beginning bring you lots of happiness and good luck. Happy retirement!

    Don’t act your age in the retirement. Act like the inner young person you have always been and do all the things you would do. Have fun figuring those things out!

    Stay young at heart and enjoy the retirement living because you completely deserve it. Happy retirement!

    All your life you worked so hard that you did not even have time for yourself and now you are getting some. Think of it as a big opportunity and embark on it with a smile. Enjoy the days!

    You turned you hair brown to gray by working on this job. You learned so much that no one can beat you and this is your biggest accomplishment. Happy retirement, my friend. Enjoy!

    Find your hidden passion. What did you always wanted do? Figure it out and spend your retirement days on building the passion. It is going to be the best time of your life, I promise. Have fun!

    Retirement is going to be an escape from the stress and monotony of life. Embark on this new journey and cherish the happiness. Enjoy!

    We work our entire youth to retire. We plan so much but fail to initialize when the time comes. Don’t let this happen with you and do all the things you planned for yourself. Happy retirement!

    Shortlist all the things you wanted to do and turn them into reality. Make these days count. Have fun!

    Retirement days are going to bring joys in your life because you are going to spend time with your loved ones. Enjoy the days!

    Retirement life is different because there is no routine and you get to do things according to your will. Enjoy the freedom!

    Creating your semi-retirement can be the best thing you ever do for yourself. Start by envisioning what you’d like your life to be like, if you only had more time. Then slowly start doing them. It’s that simple. Happy retirement to you!

    This retirement is bringing you new opportunities so that you can expand your knowledge by studying new areas. Have fun!

    This transition is going to be thrilling. You will be relaxed and at peace and someone like you deserve it to the fullest. Happy retirement!

    Happy retirement to you. Set some different goals. Spend time with family and grow more.

    Just because you are retired doesn’t mean that you should have less confidence about your abilities. You are yet to explore new things about yourself. Have some patience and cherish every moment.

    Retire from work, not from life. Live life to the fullest. Happy retirement!

    Retirement Quotes for Co-worker

    It will be tough to find someone that works as hard and is dedicated as you. Congratulations from the entire team!

    Say goodbye to Mondays and pointless staff meetings. Your new life is waiting for you. Kudos!

    We know how much you loved your job. May this retirement bring you happiness and peace. Congratulations!

    You will be greatly missed. I will miss all our talks and coffee breaks. Happy retirement.

    It’s sad to say goodbye, but great to know you are headed on to greener pastures. Congratulations!

    We hate to see you go but we also know that you completely deserve this retirement. Cheers to this new found freedom. Enjoy!

    Here’s to hoping your new found freedom brings you fun, relaxation and enjoyment. Congratulations!

    You will be greatly missed. We hope that you enjoy your retirement as much as you enjoyed working. Have fun!

    Very few people dedicate their life to the job and you were among the rare ones. We were proud to have you in our team. Wishing you a happy retirement.

    Wish you good health, wealth and happiness in this retirement phase. Congratulations from the team.

    We can tell that you loved your job! Let’s hope that your retirement brings you the same satisfaction and happiness. Happy retirement to you!

    Thank you for always motivating us to do our best and making us shine in your guidance. Wish you a happy retirement!

    You have made us and company better by being a part of us. Thank you for all the efforts. Congratulations!

    You were an amazing person to work with. I will always remember your guidance and tips throughout my life. Thank you. Happy retirement!

    You will always be remembered for your hard work and accomplishments. Congratulations from the entire team!

    Make sure you enjoy your retirement like you enjoyed working with us! Wish you a very happy retirement.

    Wish you good luck on your new phase of life. Enjoy the new opportunities.

    Thank you for always challenging and motivating us. You will be missed. Congratulations!

    You worked your entire life for this day, you deserve it. Have fun!

    All of the wonderful things you’ve done for us will never be forgotten. Congratulations!

    Funny Retirement Quotes

    A wife’s full-time job starts the moment a husband retires. Glad to see you promoted!

    Your every day is going to be a weekend now. Lucky you!

    Consider this as an extended vacation that never ends. The only difference is that you won’t be paid. Enjoy!

    You leave your boss in the office and begin your work with another, your wife. Hope your new boss treats you well. Congratulations!

    Now that you got your boss off your back, you can do whatever you want, only if your wife approves. Enjoy!

    A retired husband is often a wife’s full-time job. Have fun!

    Retirement: No job, no work and unfortunately no pay. May you find peace with the fact. Congratulations!

    The trouble with retirement is that you never get a day off. Enjoy these days!

    Retirement is the world’s longest coffee break. I hope your wife makes great coffee. Enjoy!

    We hate to see you go but love to see you walk away into retirement. Have fun!

    It’s right to get out of the rat race and enjoy the race your wife sets up for you. I hope you enjoy and find fun in the newfound race.

    Go ahead and plan things out. You no longer have boss to sanction them. Enjoy!

    You are going to be the only person who is going to be happy on Monday. Have fun!

    Rock and roll, sing and enjoy. Your retirement is finally here. Enjoy!

    Do everything according to your will. You are one lucky person. Make these days count.

    When men reach their sixties and retire, they go to pieces. Women go right on cooking. You are on the right track, buddy!

    The best time to think about your retirement is before your boss does.

    Some days later you are going to remember where your office is but not exactly the work you did. Enjoy the retirement!

    Spreading sheets is going to sound more appealing than a spreadsheet. Have fun doing the chores!

    You have been drinking office coffee for so long that you actually think it tastes good. Brace yourself from the blunder. Congratulations on finding good coffee.

    Retirement messages

    We congratulate you on being free from all your work duties. May you live happily after Retirement.

    You were the champion in the office. We will miss you after retirement. Happy Retirement

    100+ Best Retirement wishes and quotes

    May You will now live a  Rather relax life. Happy retirement

    100+ Best Retirement wishes and quotes

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